I don’t think there is much that can prepare you as a parent for when your first born officially starts school. Even 5 years of day care. I mean, since he was 8 weeks old he has been in daycare, part or full time. 5 years of routine, new teachers, packing lunches, behavior notes home, cute hand made projects with little foot prints in paint. 5 years of mornings struggling to find shoes, remembering all of the things we need to get out of the house, picking up (almost late) at 5:55PM, and “get in bed, it’s a school night”!

 None of this has officially prepared me for this big. huge. ginormous. step in our first born’s life.

We had Meet & Greet the Tuesday night before school started. What an amazing idea. We actually visited Hunter’s classroom, met his teacher as well as a few new friends and found his seat. This helped ease us all into the first full day of school. But, as we stood there meeting Mrs. Butler, Hunter’s teacher, in this beautifully decorated classroom with all of these families and siblings and babies…ALL of these emotions suddenly came over me. I couldn’t even get my words out as I began to tear, got completely choked up and red faced, all while I attempted my first conversation with her. I completely surprised myself. And in that very moment, it hit me. Hunter is starting his first day of real school. And we are so damn proud of him because he may be young for his class (with a mid April birthday) but he is so ready for this. Our talkative, inquisitive, funny, outgoing, does not know a stranger, Hunter is going to rock kindergarten. Thank you God for all of this. And thank you for his teacher, who has taught kindergarten for 9 years, has her master’s degree in reading literacy, and is going to help teach him how to read this year! 

Thankfully I have a full time job in our busiest season, a baby, a 3 year old, a husband and Quantitative Analysis (my current class toward my MBA) and my final exam to distract me from feeling all of the emotions all day, every day, all week long.

But, you know what? I didn’t spend one minute worrying about him. He’s got this. He is so ready, his teacher is going to help teach him math and writing sentences and how to make fun projects with play doh. He is going to make new friends and have so much fun. We have an amazing, supportive and warm community, the best schools and a boy with confidence. I am so happy for our kindergartener who has the world in front of him.

The feedback I get from him is minimal. What was your favorite thing that you did today? I ask him every day. In total, 8 days of school, this is what I have heard about- Recess, lunch, we worked in stations, made a book, sang songs, read books, had gym class, have Not cut with scissors yet… Oh and there is this pretty, yellow haired girl in my class. Her name is Grace. ❤😭

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