Their 1st Fishing adventure

Hunter has been saving his pennies in his piggy bank for a couple of years now. He has told us that he wanted to use the money he is saving for his first fishing pole. Josh has always told Hunter that we will be happy to buy him his first fishing pole but when the time is right. We decided that Hunter’s fourth birthday was the right time for this big occasion. You see, Josh was always a big time fisher, since he was very young. He and his family have told me many, many stories of Josh fishing in the back pond in their neighborhood growing up in Tennessee. When we moved last month, I counted 20 fishing poles and more tackle boxes than I have shoe boxes!

A couple of weeks ago, 2 days before Hunter’s birthday, we took the boys to pick out their very first fishing poles. (Although Deacon is only 2 and not quite ready, there was no way we could buy one for Hunter and not for his little brother.)

So Ugly Stik makes a few great fishing poles for the little guys. After a few trips, we found the best options for the little ones at WalMart.  Ugly Stik


On Monday of this week, Hunter got a really good report home from school and Josh decided this would be the night he takes them fishing for the first time. At our new house, there is a pond on the property which is owned by our neighbors, so we didn’t have to go very far.  Now, they have practiced in the yard which resulted in many tangled lines but this was truly their first experience actually fishing.


I am betting Hunter will remember this forever. This was a very special moment between Daddy and his boys. And I know we have many more fishing trips to come this spring and summer.


Enjoy the photos.



Hunter & Daddy


Can you see that smile?



first fish!


Deacon’s turn!


This night, Hunter caught 4 total and Deacon caught 1 (all with Daddy’s help, of course)

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