Boy Mom

I’m really not into labels and don’t buy into these shirts, accessories, etc that say things like ‘boy mom’ or ‘mommy to a prince/princess’ or ‘Mommy’s little angel’ probably just because of course we all think the world of our little ones. And they’re all angels and princes and princesses! Anyway, I have seen #BoyMom quite a bit recently and now as a mom of 2 of those, I think I have a good handle on what that means.

At first, I was sure I would have a girl. I have always been pretty girly myself and enjoy shopping, dressing up and fashion as well as having an appreciation for the arts- ballet, fashion, photography and movies. 3 years ago exactly, we found out that our first child would be a little boy. I was really excited but felt like it would be hard, only because I am not a boy and would have to learn more. But, I was up for that challenge. After that appointment to learn the gender, we left the office and said his name out loud, almost immediately. Josh said ‘Hunter’ and I said ‘Ray’ for my grandfather. And it stuck! (This was not the case for Deacon and we decided his name 3 days before delivery!) And after naming him, we, of course, became more and more excited to meet our little boy.

Anyway, 3 years and many hours spent playing with cars, balls, sticks, acorns, a wagon and Tonka trucks, I have learned that it isn’t harder,  but probably just the same. The learning curve is being a parent!! My heart swells for my boys. I fall in love with them more and more every day and I melt at the smallest and biggest actions. ‘Good night, I love you Mommy.’ and my heart literally skips a beat. Like I can feel it.

Some days it is easier than others keeping up with these roudy, rambunctious boys who are now going in 2 different directions, but during our usual weekend morning walk, I had an idea! Gather some good size tree limbs, carry them up to the house in the wagon, put 5 together, hang some sheets and there we have it, a tent! Hunter was giddy. I am not sure if he understood exactly what I was doing but he did a little happy dance and giggle when he got to sit inside his very own tent. So, this morning I was a proud ‘Boy Mom’ and as I admired our first tent, I couldn’t help but think- Bam, Land of Nod. We build our own tent, (and saved $200!). And the adventure with Hunter was priceless. I sure hope he remembers these types of things because boy I will never forget these little moments.





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