Our little buddy boy


And so now it has been 3 months, 14 weeks actually and our little man is really coming to life. It feels great, as a parent, for him to be out of the infant/ newborn stage. He seems less fragile and he actually does things now, which is so rewarding. He grabs my hair, touches my face, likes to sit up on the couch by himself (fully supported of course), he watches TV and can see the doggies playing. Hunter still loves his owls very much in his activity gym. Just recently I got him those plastic colorful rings that hook together, they are a big hit too.

He still spends a lot of time in his swing and likes standing while holding our hands. He stands up and picks up his legs as if to walk. The cutest thing in the workd is that he gets a great big smile and is so proud of himself. I encourage him and tell him he is “So Big!!” Everything is going in his mouth already and he sucks on his hands and fingers a bunch. I don’t think he is teething yet…

Every morning he wakes up with a big smile on his face. I tell him that the best part of my day is picking him up from his crib and giving him a big hug and holding him for just a moment before changing him and feeding him. He is so happy and pleasant, we feel so blessed.

I am at work full time, I have been since July 8th. I went back to work on May 30th to work just in the mornings and from home in the afternoons. Hunter began day care on June 10th – less than 2 months old. He would go in from 9:30 (or whenever Daddy dropped him off) until 12:15 when I picked him up from work. Now he is there full time but Dad takes him in late in the morning around 11 AM or sometimes noon. Only a few times he has been there for the full 8AM to 5 PM.

Once it is 5, I rush out of work like I never have before. I miss him so much all day long and once we are home, I dont want to put him down. He is so happy and smiley and we enjoy great conversations when he is laying on the changing table and we are face to face. I know he is smiley and talkative to everyone but I like to think that he is particularly happy to see his mom after a long day.

Hunter is the greatest gift, the best thing that ever happened to us. Our love for him is unconditional and I enjoy every waking moment with our little buddy boy.

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