For your Career…

I think it’s finally the right time I share with you one of my favorite websites. Some of you may know about LearnVest already.

The idea for LearnVest was born in 2006, when Alexa von Tobel realized she was graduating from Harvard College without ever having taken a single class on personal finance. Though she was headed to a job on Wall Street, she was lost when it came to credit scores, mortgages, and Roth IRAs.

Recognizing that personal finance is not taught in high schools, colleges, or graduate schools across the country, Alexa set out to learn on her own, but she soon found that no existing resources spoke directly to her.

Fast-forward to December of 2008, with the financial world crumbling, Alexa decided to take a leave of absence from Harvard Business School. She set out to pursue her dream of creating an online platform to help women everywhere gain control of their finances.

LearnVest debuted as a TechCrunch50 Company in September 2009. LearnVest has grown tremendously since then, with a variety of new product releases and extensive press coverage. LearnVest has raised $25 million in funding, led by Accel Partners, to help the company grow to its full potential.

To date, LearnVest has helped over one million women (and counting!) gain control of their finances.

So, the point of me sharing this with you?  Maybe you will find this website helpful and if not, I would like to share this recent post about journaling!

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