It took a long time but well worth my energy.  As you know, my blog is primarily seen through my postings on facebook.  We all have friends, family, college classmates, high school classmates, co-workers, distant relatives, townies, “who is that again?” whom are all categorized as FRIENDS on facebook.

Through my security and privacy settings, I have created a very large list of people who all fall under the category of “everything else except family and close friends”.  And it is that category,  just titled “work” for simplicity sake that has very limited access to my facebook profile, wall and timeline. This is not hiding nor being mean, it is just for the sake of keeping personal things private.

So, for all of you who wonder why it is that I give so many details about travel, my schedule, my family, etc., it is because only YOU can see it!  My close family and friends are the only ones that can see my postings, blogs, pictures, etc.

It is very important to me to remain professional and keep work relationships separate.

The best way I describe it, I started my facebook profile when I was in college.  I have photos of Kim on Spring Break in college, for example. I have beautiful photos of DMB concerts, summers at the shore and late nights with my girlfriends; memories that I will always cherish. Back then, facebook was meant for the college community exclusively. Now that it has evolved to what it is today, I find it necessary to keep some things private and therefore separate.

There is a time and a place to share certain details at work. And just because you own a facebook account does not mean that everyone that you “sort of know” has to get all of the glorious details of your life.

So, I can proudly say, close friends and family-  I started this blog for you!  I live out-of-state from where I grew up and went to school.  Why not take advantage of technology today to stay in touch? I would love to hear more from you too!! Distance is no excuse for keeping in touch. It just takes a little effort, right?

So, moving forward- please leave me messages, responses to my blog… I would really love to see your comments! And you can now know that strangers will not also be reading my private blog.

** You can also sign up to receive an e-mail when I post a new blog. Please take advantage of this if you enjoy what you are reading! It would make my day.

Thank you & Love you all!

SB 2006 – some photos are just meant for you and your friends 😉

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