Now what?

Sorry, it’s been so long.  The ending to my Las Vegas trip was so uneventful and boring, I forgot to mention it!

So we met with the DOS (Director of Sales) in the boardroom at Caesar’s Palace Monday afternoon.  He was completely unprepared for our meeting, I even had to hand him an extra copy of our contract!  He understood our concerns. Basically, they reduced their sales force in the downturn from 52 to 12 that worked there in Las Vegas.  In that time, through the turmoil of downsizing and drastically reducing staff in-house, they double booked our space and what is done, is done.  We asked for additional concessions and were prepared to fly home with an addendum in hand.  Significant delays and we are still awaiting the addendum!

In the meantime, I have met with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority at their Midwest office in Chicago (last week’s travels) and am attempting to get out of our signed 2013 and 2014 contracts. In the world of meetings, it is crucial to book several years out to get your desired space but at this point I am ready to look elsewhere.  Cosmopolitan, Aria, Bellagio and the Venetian have meeting space and I am sure they would welcome our group of 2,000 teachers in June with open arms!

Anyway, enough of that mess; their unprofessionalism drives me crazy. Last week’s venture to Chicago was very productive.  I was able to discuss my Las Vegas concerns with the LVCVA  (mentioned already) and I attended HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International). This was a conference for vendors (hotels, CVBs) and suppliers (meeting planners).  I attended some great sessions on negotiations, budgeting, revenue management at hotels (an insider’s view) and future forecasting. Check out the event:

I am looking forward to my next trip on the road.  I am spending an entire week with Mom and Dad in the northwest! More to come.

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