Puppy Dogs

What a busy week!  In a nutshell, we (our dog) had chocolate lab puppies, Jaclyn had her first prom, Josh bought some new business equipment and I have been crazy busy at work preparing for upcoming conferences.

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So, Friday evening of “Little Five Weekend” (you only know what this is if you live in B-town) I came home from work and Brooke wasn’t right at the back porch door waiting for me.  It was a bit stormy and knew my anxious and pregnant lab, Brooke would be due to have puppies any day now.  So, I ran outside to look in the “dog box” that Josh built specifically for this type of occasion only to find 4 little tiny chocolates squirming around with their new Mama.  Brooke came outside of her “birthing box” to greet me and as I was petting her, I watched another puppy being born right in front of my… well, espadrilles (shoes)! I saw the tiniest paw come out first, almost as if it were pushing through.  Brooke quickly licked away the little sack (gross, I know) and then we had 5!  So I immediately called Jennifer  the father’s owner and my best friend here in town (not Josh as he can’t answer when he is cutting a tree down!).  “Do you want to see puppies being born!”  Jen immediately came over.

So, as the evening progressed and eventually Josh came home from work, we ended up with 10 little pups.  (There were 11 initially but one did not make it.)  Now 10 for 11 in absolutely incredible I have been told.  Last litter, Brook had 8 and only 5 survived.  So now, along with new business equipment, mowers, trimmers, and a work laptop, we are the proud new owners of 12 dogs (in total).  Aunt Maggs (aka Maggie, our gorgeous beagle dog) loves to stare at the pups but will not touch!  Brook told her NO! …and she has listened well.


Newborn Chocolate Lab Pups, born 4/23

Now every time Brook leaves her baby box, and it is only to eat, the little pups cry and whine.   When the little pups do this, Brooke says “Hush! I need to eat (a lot), because I have 10 mouths to feed!”  I have learned some of their little personalities.  One of the 3 females has the loudest mouth!  Two are little skinny ones and are always last to eat.  One big guy (takes after his dad) is temporarily named Chunk (I don’t say it to his face) and he has been caught sucking on my finger thinking he was eating! Another big one is a wanderer and has been found crawling around the yard, literally blind.

Currently they still can not open their eyes or walk, so they pretty much eat, sleep and poop… just like real babies.  (Makes me very anxious to have my own, just kidding.) Soon they will open their eyes and we will see beautiful blueish gray eyes.  They will be running around our enclosed back yard, popping in our back porch and I will call it a ZOO! Luckily, I will be traveling for some of these weeks as their dirtiness frustrates my OCD/ clean freak self.

I will be sure to keep you updated.  And as for Prom?  My sister-in-law looked absolutely gorgeous in pale yellow.  She had a wonderful time.


Jaclyn's Prom, what a beautiful girl!

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