Hi Kimberly, I just read your article about how you decided to pursue MBA with 3 kids. I used to think my master’s degree is tough but your story motivated me to work harder and embrace the opportunity I got to learn here at IUB.  I want to end this message by thanking you again. Regards, Siddharth


Kim, I just read the article you wrote that Red Tricycle published (mutual connections’ likes put it in my feed). I wanted to let you know it is an inspiration and exactly what I needed to read. Thank you for this excellent writing! I hope we get the chance to meet in the future. Best, Randi


We’ll written as always!! Life is tough and requires juggling the reality of day to day commitments and conflicts with work and family. You most certainly did the right thing! You’re an amazing mom and a very dedicated employee. And it’s awesome that you can be both!! Thanks to your colleagues for allowing you to be there for Hunter! I’m glad the woman spoke up…honesty is definitely the most genuine policy!! 


This is exactly what I needed to read. I am 31, with 2 toddlers – 4 & 2, I work full time as a Paralegal and I am returning to College and finally pursuing a History degree. I have only completed 12 credited hours toward a 124 hour program. I am stressed to the max and wondering if I can even do this and how will I work around everything. Thank you for writing this and showing that it’s possible.


Wonderful photos and good for you — fabulous garden!!! Including your boys is so great, so good for them, and the produce looks perfect. You should be very pleased with your efforts. Hats off to you all!!