Spring has Sprung

It really feels like spring around here. It was nearly 80 degrees today! The flowers are in bloom and little tiny leaves are beginning to grow on our trees. I love the florescent green color of the freshly grown grass in mid-April and hearing the birds chirping in the yard. Those two things always bring back such fond and vivid memories of my first maternity leave with Hunter. Flowers, birds, grass, trees- there is new life everywhere and I often feel like a new person with a bigger smile and even brighter outlook after the long, cold, dark days of winter. The sun goes down much later already and it is getting harder to convince the boys that it actually is bed time. Spring has sprung!

How amazing to have an entire Tuesday evening to ourselves to do nothing but play outside. More and more, I am really feeling like a true boy mom. These boys are climbing trees, scraping knees, muddy boots and riding bikes. We had a catch outside with tennis balls and those sticky/ velcro type gloves. I can see Hunter really caring and excelling in his baseball skills. He is quick to teach his little brothers too which is fun to watch. Deacon catches on so quickly and Wyatt is just thrilled to be outside, in the grass, with his big bros.

And speaking of spring, did I mention we have a birthday boy? Hunter turned 6 last week! He loved celebrating with family and friends and he even got a birthday celebration at school!

What’s new with our 6 year old:

  • Hunter performed in his kindergarten music program last week and sang and danced on stage!
  • He is one of the oldest on his baseball team, they are the Braves! Hunter has had some great hits and plays at 1st base
  • Hunter has really begun excelling in reading his sight words and has made tremendous progress this year in kindergarten
  • His best friend Trey and him have been buddies since diapers. They ride the bus home together each day and play at after school care every week day
  • He loves his little brothers and family very much. He asks if our close family friends can be considered his “real family” too.
  • He has a memory that still is unbelievable to me. You can’t get anything past that boy!
  • He is outgoing and makes friends with anyone that comes near him, like our neighbor on vacation, the checkout people at the store, the delivery man, he doesn’t know a stranger!
  • He was spoiled to have his Granny and Aunt Dawn visit for his birthday weekend ❤

Happy birthday Hunter Ray!


We’ve all been here, right? How far would we go to retrieve their favorite animal/ blanket/pillow/toy?

So just imagine the series of events that took place to get us here this evening. Josh was working and so I picked the boys up from daycare to take them directly to their 5:45 PM hair cut appointment.  I’ve done it before, remember? (Giving yourself an A+ ) Just me taking all 3 for a simple haircut- but something about that in itself feels like an accomplishment. 3 boys, 3 haircuts, probably 15 lollipops/suckers and 45 minutes later, all 3 were cut, styled and oh so handsome. Anyway, afterwards we left and crossed the road to the parking lot, the older ones running in disarray or pure excitement with their fresh cuts. I was carrying Wyatt in his ridiculously heavy car seat, in my arm. It was starting to rain and we were all hungry for dinner. I herded cattle into my SUV and off we were just 3 minutes from home.

At home, Wyatt was immediately fussy and so I got him in his high chair for his dinner as I made something quick- spaghetti, meat-sauce, and Texas toast for my other hungry boys. It wasn’t until after dinner when Wyatt then took his bottle that we realized something was missing. Binkie.

Now I pride myself in being the one who knows where everything is for everyone in the house. The keeper of things, if you will. Actually I get extremely frustrated if I actually lose something. Well, besides a sock or a crayon, we have millions of those. So, first question: Where did we have it last? We had his pacifier at the place where they got their haircut, I know we did. It must be in the parking lot, I thought, for sure because it was no where in the car or the house. And, I remember the boys running around like crazy as it started to rain.


I’ll go. I’ll be right back, I said, to Josh. If it wasn’t in the parking lot, maybe it was in the shop. On the way, I called my Dad, “How many times did you and Mom have to go back somewhere to retrieve my blanket or Kevin’s pillow?” He could recall one particular circumstance but that was all. My parents got really good and keeping track of our most prized possessions. Well after almost 13 month of owning this giraffe binkie, it was well over due. It was officially lost. I pulled up, it was NOT in the parking lot. Nowhere to be found. DARNIT! I looked over at the shop and saw it was still open. I’ll go in, I thought. I parked and got out and just then I scanned the street…


BINKIE. Binks. Binkiepoo. Laying there, nearly dead in the middle of Sale Street. I ran over and saved his life. He had been there, for one whole hour, and was ran over who knows how many times. I scooped him up and immediately went to CVS for more backups (the ones without giraffes) and returned home. As soon as I walked in, Wyatt spotted it in my hand right away, cried and tried to pull at it. I HAD to sanitize this thing first. Yuk!

All is well, now. It was our first major circumstance of having ZERO binkies on hand. Wyatt is in bed and tucked in now, happy with his giraffe nearby. Whooowee- that was close! Wyatt has no idea what happened to his beloved pacifier.

How will we ever ween him of this thing? I’ll start soon and will likely be harder on us than it will be on him. Thankfully he has a beloved blankey, just like his older brothers do and actually Josh and I had a blankey growing up too. Getting him off the pacifier may be easier with a default object, lets just hope we can keep track of that now.